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  • XProc-based framework
  • for checking and converting XML-based data
  • to ease development of customer-specific XML workflows


  • RelaxNG validation and Schematron checking
  • Error messages in HTML rendering of the source file

Cascading Configuration

  • conversion and checking rules
  • configurable on multiple levels, e.g.:
    work, series, publisher, common
  • specific rules overwrite generic rules


  • IDML >> report, XML (e.g. TEI, DocBook), EPUB
  • docx, odt, google docs >> HTML >> report, IDML
  • XML, PDF, Excel >> report
  • docx, odt, google docs >> LaTeX
  • docx, odt, google docs >> linguistic analysis >>
    docx w/analysis results

Open Source,
Open Standards

XSLT, XProc, Schematron, RelaxNG, HTML, TEI, JATS/BITS, DocBook, Office Open XML, ODT, IDML

HTML-first workflows

  • Schematron still useful (e.g. in sxedit)